Monday, July 9, 2012

Equipment Tops for Casual Getaways

Going out of town for the weekend? Of course you want to look fabulous with tops that won’t go over the top. Since you are going out for the weekend, you want something that looks effortlessly gorgeous but also has that casual appeal. Traveling should be as comfortable as possible therefore; we introduce Equipment tops that would go with you on your fabulous weekend out-of-town trip!

Being casual is one of the most attracting styles when traveling out of town, it is comfortable and easy to style. It mostly deals with simplicity and you can easily see it in Equipment tops collections.

A very simple way to wear Equipment tops is to match it up with a blazer. Perhaps you are going to a colder place, you can easily slip on a blazer over your shirt and you will instantly look dashing. Just be careful with color matching techniques, your look will be well presented if you know how to mix and match colors well. Nude colors are always great, just as black and white combos are fool proof styling techniques. Being light when it comes to traveling is important because if your clothes are uncomfortable and with mismatching colors, you will definitely look a tourist from some country and people might think you are a strange creature where attractive would be the last thing on their minds.

Try on a signature Equipment top and match it up with a pair of shorts. This is perfect if you are traveling to a warm place like Florida or somewhere just warm enough you can let your legs feel the sun. A pair of oxfords or some cute flats would give this look a polished look but don’t forget that your bag and accessories can also add some dazzle to your look. When evening comes, you can throw in your blazer. For women, this look is a bit androgynous which is a moving trend this year and for men, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

There are a lot of Equipment tops to choose from where being effortlessly gorgeous is instantaneous. There are printed shirts as well aside from shirts with solid colors, their prints are also amazing and can be a bit funky and surprising. The solid ones are more ideal to semi-formal to casual events while the printed ones are great for casual outfits that can give your getaway look some personality.

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