Monday, July 2, 2012

Tips On How To Be A Fashionista

Fashionista is the term use for those people who grabs everyone's attention with their fashion sense. Well its not hard to be a fashionista just enjoy wearing clothes that you think might suit you and most of all enhances your personality. Here are some tips wherein might help to unleashed that fashionista in you :

1. Honesty - Being honest is the key for a great don't have to hide in your closet because of the the fear of what other people might think or say to you. Just be yourself! You don't have to pretend to be someone else just to look great in someone's eye. Being honest with your physical look is the best start to find the right clothes for you, if your fat then your fat, if your thin then your thin. Lucky for those with super bodies out there! But for those ordinary people being honest of what you are. . .what you have is the first step. Express the real you!

2. Creativity - You don't have to wear clothes in pairs...yellow blouse-yellow bottom...white top-black bottom...This fashion sense is a bit old but never comes to an end, accessories (jewelries,bags,shoes,sandals,scarf) can be teamed up with clothes to add up style and to show your creativity. Being creative is experimenting, looking at things in a different perspective...have those old jeans of yours? why not try to play with it...try to give it a new look...take note : you don't have to buy expensive clothes and accessories, you can recycle those old stuffs in your closet.

3. Confidence  Be brave enough to face comments.It is inevitable that you will encounter critics along the way but bear in mind that criticisms will be of great use in the future for you to improve yourself... see it as a challenge! don't let them turn you down on being a fashionista... go girl!  having confidence is easy....always wear your beautiful smile (smile gives anyone a very positive look and aura) then before leaving your room...look into a mirror, see if every things fine....then let everyone see you out...go out.

4.  Buy Fashion Magazines/Watch Fashion Shows  Being updated with the latest fashion trend around the world will help you a lot in creating your own ideas thus enhancing your own style...try surfing the net and look for the Hollywood fashion icons like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton.... make them as your inspiration for your style.

5.  Take a picture of you  Yes you read it right... at the end of the day take a picture of yourself then compile it. you can write a short description of your style for the day and also try to add some comments from the people around you...this will help you  to appreciate your own fashion and what others think of that on the next day you can improve your style.

Girl always remember...being a fashionista is being a trendsetter, and so you have to be a role model for everyone that soon will follow your style. Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs,this things will just ruin everything. Being Fashionista is being healthy...Always on-the-go to explore the show that another fashionista is born :) AND THAT IS...YOU

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